Rhein Chemie certified as “known consignor“ – Secure air freight

On 15th January Rhein Chemie was officially approved as known consignor1 by the Aviation Agency of Braunschweig and was added to the European databank of regimented agents.

Following the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001 security measures for air traffic had been tightened across the globe. This also includes air freight consignments which are transported around the world on a daily basis.

Based on numerous EU regulations, which were added to the German “Luftfahrtsicherheitsgesetz“ (Aviation Security Act), it has now become necessary for the German transport industry to implement corresponding security measures in its plants in order to continue to safely transport air freight.

The corresponding transitional period ends on 28th March 2013. If these requirements are not met soon, air freight consignments will be declared ”unsafe“ and will have to be examined during a costly x-ray process at the airports where they will be made “safe”. This will lead to additional costs as well as to significantly longer check-in times at the airport. Thus we will no longer be able to promise our clients reliable flight data.

In cooperation with our partner and already regimented agent2 Pfenning-Logistik the consignment warehouse at Rhein Chemie and the warehouse at Pfenning-Logistik were secured accordingly so that unauthorized persons do not have access to provided air freight consignments and air freight documents. Furthermore a comprehensive written documentation of the security program as well as changes in the organizational procedures had to be implemented. Finally diverse employees at Rhein Chemie and Pfenning who work in the field of air freight consignments or have access to air freight-relevant documents were submitted to security checks and were trained according to legal requirements.

Thus Rhein Chemie can continue to deliver air freight consignments to its clients on schedule.

1 = Certification for the transport industry
2 = Certification for logistics companies