Wide product range
Types of curing bladdersRhein Chemie manufactures over 300 different bladder sizes  ranging in rim diameter from 4″ to 42″. These cover industrial, small farm, motorcycle, passenger, light truck, large truck, agriculture and OTR tires being produced with compression and injection molding presses ranging from 36″ to 60″ width.

The broad product line of Rhenoshape® curing bladders encompassing bias and radial tire applications is offered for Bag-O-Matic, Krupp, NRM/Autoform, Autolok and Kobe presses.

Curing Bladders

Increased Productivity
Longer bladder life
• High-quality thermally conductive compound
• Strict process controls

Shorter cure cycles
• Better heat transfer through superior design and special compound

Superior curing performance
• Flexible bladder wall
• Consistent quality and uniformity

Exceptional Cost Benefits
• Reduced press downtimes
• Reduced scrap rates

Better Tire Finish Appearance
• Innovative bladder venting design and surface finish help reduce “trapped air”

Easy Unfolding of New Bladders
• Coating on the inside

Pre-treated bladders
Pre-treated bladder

A common problem with new bladders is the adhesion of their surface to the tire. It is standard practice in the industry to apply an arbitrary silicone release agent to reduce this initial tackiness. The first tires cured with these bladders tend to stick to them, shortening bladder life and even pulling them off their clamping, thus increasing overall costs. Rhein Chemie offers semi-permanent and permanent bladder coatings as well as pre-treated bladders. The coatings reduce tire defects and increase overall bladder life, while also eliminating bladder tackiness.
To ensure easy unfolding of the new bladders, all Rhenoshape® bladders are coated on the inside.

Bladder fitment form
We have created the bladder fitment form for customers to complete and submit online their local reference person (Contact Rubber).

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Download Bladder Fitment Form