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Rhein Chemie Corporation Introduces Rhenofluor® Fluoroelastomer Curative Technology

Rhein Chemie Corporation Introduces Rhenofluor® Fluoroelastomer Curative Technology

Wednesday, 27. October 2010 Company expands its chemical offerings to include “sulfur safe” curative technology for the fluoro-polymer market.

Chardon, OH – October 27, 2010 – Rhein Chemie Corporation, a subsidiary of LANXESS Corporation, is proud to introduce Rhenofluor® FKM Curative Technology at the 2010 K Show in Dusseldorf Germany. The Rhenofluor® Curative product line encompasses a complete line of Fluoroelastomer (FKM) cross-linking agents for high-quality, high-performance applications. Rhenofluor® Curative Technology allows end users to achieve homogenous dispersion characteristics coupled with reproducible compounding/curing results on a batch-to-batch basis.

The dispersion’s proprietary organo-phosphonium compound offers a revolutionary “sulfur safe” technology, providing added protection against sulfur contamination. This, coupled with easy handling provided by the readily dispersible curative technology, has never before been available in the dispersion market place. Only in some cases has this technology been made available through the utilization of cure-inclusive, pre-compounded fluoroelastomer gumstocks.

“This addition to our product portfolio follows our mission to continually seek innovative new products and better alternatives for a variety of applications,” said Rhein Chemie business development and technical manager, Timothy Higgins. “These alternative solutions come with a competitive market price and are backed by Rhein Chemie’s technical expertise.”

“Our goal at Rhein Chemie has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality products while leading the industry in advancements based both on technology and innovation,” says Rhein Chemie Corporation President Hector Diaz-Stringel. “With addition of the Rhenofluor® product line we have demonstrated Rhein Chemie’s dedication to the advancement of rubber chemical technologies.”

Rhein Chemie is a chemicals company which has had a successful track record in customized additives and service products stretching back over 100 years. The approximately 800-strong workforce develops, produces and sells products for various sectors of the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries worldwide. The company is headquartered in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany and has production facilities in Europe, Asia and North and South America. Rhein Chemie is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LANXESS Group, Leverkusen, Germany

Chardon, 27. October 2010
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