Rhein Chemie’s specialty products include high-performance elastomers such as millable polyurethanes and high-quality fluororubber reclaims. They are used, for example, in applications subject to aggressive and abrasive environments, high mechanical stresses and high temperatures. .... Show more Show less

Millable polyurethane elastomers benefit from all the outstanding properties of polyurethanes:
- High mechanical strength and elongation at break
- Very high abrasion resistance
- Excellent gas impermeability
- Good oil resistance

Despite this, processing takes place – as with other elastomers – on the standard equipment used by the elastomer processing industry such as internal mixers, extruders and rolling mills. Molding also takes place using peroxide or sulfur vulcanization, e.g. in the press or during injection-molding. This gives users the advantage of also being able to manufacture molded parts/products from polyurethane without having to resort to the relevant specialist technology.

Due to their properties all Urepan® grades can be used to make a number of molded parts, in particular membranes, seals and roll covers. Urepan® 643 G for example shows also excellent mechanical strength and a very high gas impermeability but benefits from higher resilience and better low-temperature flexibility.

The specialty grade Urepan® 600 is normally processed without fillers and crosslinked with an isocyanate-based system (Rhenocure® TT). The resultant vulcanizates can be produced with excellent hardness, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance properties. Rubber compounds based on Urepan® 600 are also used for roll covers.

Rhenoblend® F 350 is a high-quality fluororubber reclaim that, when blended with original fluororubber, cuts the price of the compound significantly and can also offer processing benefits such as improved mixing stability.