Processing promoters are additives based on environmentally compatible, predominantly renewable raw materials. They help improve the efficiency of compound production and processing. The focus is not only on typical cost factors involved in the mixing process, but also on process optimization. .... Show more Show less

Despite the small dose applied, processing promoters can have a positive effect on the following factors:

  • Shorter mixing times – thanks to quicker and better dispersion of fillers and the crosslinking system.
  • Less energy required for mixing – thanks to the compound’s enhanced flow properties and an associated reduction in energy costs and machine wear
  • Quicker and more even processing.
  • Lower scrap rates through an optimal quality of extruded and injection-molded items.
  • Improved surface quality of the finished product.

The choice of processing promoter depends on both the application and the polymer involved. Rhein Chemie offers a wide range of different processing promoters for the diverse mixing and processing challenges encountered during production: