As a diversified supplier of high quality colorants it is our target to provide our customers with solutions in all color-related questions on a global and regional level. Our laboratory in Leverkusen/Germany can assist with technical support. In this regard our technical service units are able to support our customers with a wide range of different test methods, such as color matching, lightfastness and weather resistance as well as heat stability tests. A fully equipped plastics laboratory, a dispersing center as well as a pressure permeation center for desalting and ultrafiltration methods allow for customer-oriented development solutions and can be used for all technical service questions. Powerful analytical laboratories for chemical and physical test methods such as particle size determination, specific surface, trace analytics for metal ions or organic contamination complement our service portfolio.

Test results of all our dyes and pigments in all relevant amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplasts have been categorized and are available in both full colour and white blend. Based on this we are in a position to provide color matching services based on customer requests at short notice. Details with regards to application area, fastness requirements or used additives can help us with the precise match. For optimum results the provision of the customer compound is ideal. Furthermore, we can provide additional services with lightfastness and weather resistance resp. heat stability in customer systems.

Color matching plays an important role with pigment dispersions also. LANXESS can provide its customers with precise recipes for a desired colour shade based on our LEVANYL and LEVANOX pigment preparations. This can be based either on the definition of a standard color shade according to RAL or NCS, by provision of a color shade sample or a color recipe. Detailed information on application area, fastness requirements or about used additives can help to provide a precise feedback. The color matching is done via a special software that is based on a database of all LANXESS products and is reconfirmed in practical application tests. Since basic systems have a significant impact on color shade and brilliance, it is essential to have access to a sample of the basic system used in the applicationin allowing us to come back with a good quality elaboration.

Aqueous color solutions for inkjet- and writing inks need to meet high purity requirements. This includes high surface tension, very good filterability, the elimination of finest particles as well as a complete absence of salt. These requirements are met by a cascade of cleaning steps after chemical synthesis of the dyes. Amongst others, organic impurities are linked to special types of active charcoal, salts are cleared by reverse osmosis, and solid particles are eliminated by several filtration steps with filtration pores of up to 0.2 micrometers. In our LANXESS reverse osmosis laboratory all cleaning steps on a scale from 10 liters up to 10 cubic meters can be carried out close to production. This allows for optimum upscaling from trial products to production size. Our laboratory is also available for customer service functions based on customer requests in order to realize specially cleaned dye qualities or customer specific requirements.