Colorant Additives Business: Colorants and colorant additives

The color is always the focus at Colorant Additives – whether in paints for indoor and outdoor use, in the housings of electrical and household appliances, in PET bottles, in cosmetic containers, or in inkjet inks for industrial printing. Due to their excellent technical properties the products are used in the most sensitive applications.

Outstanding product quality, long-standing technical expertise and the fulfillment of wide-ranging regulatory requirements are the critical qualification standards of the Colorant Additives business line’s product range. Customers all over the world use the high-quality colorants under the brand names Bayfast®, Bayplast®, Bayscript®, Ceres®, Levanox®, Levanyl®, Levascreen®, Macrolex® and Solfort® in a multitude of applications, from LCD displays to inks in writing instruments.

With the Macrolex® and Bayplast® product lines, the business line provides the basis for translating various design ideas into reality. The products excel through high thermal stability and lightfastness. Almost all Macrolex® dyestuffs satisfy stringent purity requirements. Suitability for food packaging is especially important. One example: beverages and cosmetic items are increasingly less often packed in glass and more in unbreakable, light PET bottles. Macrolex® meets the highest standards for these: almost all colorants under this brand accordingly fulfill the high requirements of the leading food agencies in Europe, the United States and Asia.

A completely different area of application is crop protection products, which are generally dyed to enable visual marking and – in many cases – producer-specific color recognition. Treated seed has to be color-coded in order to prevent inadvertent use in food products. The agricultural industry places high purity and quality requirements on the dyes used. All constituents must be recorded in country-specific registers and meet strict provisions regarding consistent composition. With the powdered pigment Solfort® and the Levanyl brand, the business line Colorant Additives offers products for the agricultural industry that are tailored precisely to these requirements.

The pigment dispersions in the Levanyl® and Levanox® product lines for use in paints for indoor and outdoor use offer high color intensity, pigment loading and consistent quality. In addition, the business line offers optimal support in regulatory matters.

Find here the right colorant for your application, the corresponding color index or a guide formulation for your RAL color: