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Clean, safe, fast: More and more users in Russia are taking advantage of Rhenogran®

Clean, safe, fast: More and more users in Russia are taking advantage of Rhenogran®

Friday, 14. May 2010 In Russia the demand for higher product quality and efficiency in production is increasing. Awareness of health and environmental issues is also increasing.

In Russia the demand for higher product quality and efficiency in production is increasing. Awareness of health and environmental issues is also increasing. These trends have led to a sharp rise in the demand for polymer-bound chemicals (Rhenogran®) from Rhein Chemie in Russia, and, as a result, the company is launching the construction of a production plant near the city of Nizhny Novgorod, which lies to the east of Moscow.

Rhein Chemie enjoys worldwide success with its Rhenogran® service concept. The company has over 30 years’ experience as a market leader in the development, production and applications technology of polymer-bound chemicals. A comprehensive portfolio of products, which is constantly adapted to processors’ requirements, has been developed from an initially small range of specialties.

More and more customers are utilizing the processing and economic advantages and environmentally friendly properties of Rhenogran®. Using powdered chemicals often causes problems, particularly if they are hazardous or have poor dispersibility. Dust and odor generation can lead to major health problems, inadequate flow properties create difficulties in metering, and lack of homogeneous distribution at higher mixing temperatures mean longer mixing times. The result is off-spec batches and loss of quality, leading to lower production performance and increased manufacturing costs.

Rhenogran® offers processors a solution to all these problems at the same time. The active ingredients can be optimally utilized by combining selected, high-quality chemicals with an ideal binder system and special process know-how. The viscosity is matched to the processing so that dispersion is very rapid for virtually all rubber mixtures, and the granulate form makes metering and incorporating the product very easy. Dust-free binding of the active ingredients is very important for health and environmental protection, as it protects man and the environment from hazardous rubber chemicals. The workplace remains clean and a number of safety measures no longer have to be implemented.

The uniform active ingredient content – mostly 80 percent concentration – and the universal use of a polymer binder based on EPDM/EVA every time mean correct metering. The polymer binder and dispersants are adapted to provide compatibility with all common elastomers and therefore safeguard the quality of the vulcanizates. A major factor is quality control. A range of tests and specifically developed test methods ensure high quality.

Producers of technical rubber goods for the automotive and engineering industries use the full Rhenogran® range of accelerators, antioxidants, metal oxides and crosslinking agents. In foamed rubber articles, for example, the very fine, homogeneous distribution of the polymer-bound chemicals is a benefit because there are no residual powder agglomerates which could lead to defects and an increase in the scrap rate.

Polymer-bound products are therefore of particular interest to the tire industry because they bring about a significant reduction in dispersion time. Rhenogran® Hexa-80, Resorcin -80, ZnO-80, PCZ-70/IIR (mixture of zinc oxide and resin for vulcanization of bladders and curing bags based on butyl rubber) and polymer-bound insoluble sulfur products are used here.

Rhenogran® MBTS, MBT, S, ZnO, ZDBC, ZDMC, TMTD, ETU and DPTT are essential products for manufacturers in the profile industry for the production of high-quality weather strips where again homogeneous, rapid dispersion brings an improvement in mix times and mix uniformity leading to reduction in scrap rates and an overall improvement in the surface quality of the weather strip. These manufacturers are also continuously looking for improvements in environmental protection and workshop hygiene. The manufacturers of weather strips using these materials benefit from a high degree of uniformity in terms of color and physical properties.

Rhein Chemie is a company with a successful track record in customized additives and service products stretching back over 100 years. The approximately 800-strong workforce produces and sells products for various sectors of the rubber, lubricants and plastics industries. The company has production facilities in Europe, Asia as well as North and South America. Rhein Chemie is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LANXESS Group, Leverkusen.   

Mannheim, 14. May 2010
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