Wires and cables

Rhein Chemie offers manufacturers of rubber wire and cables a wide range of high-quality processing, cross-linking and stabilizing additives for compounds used in all kinds of applications. .... Show more Show less

Materials used in the cable industry need to satisfy a large number of tough demands imposed by cable manufacturers in addition to all kinds of specific requirements from cable users. We offer a range of specialty products that are ideal for making rubber cables and leads for a diverse range of applications. Wire and cables are used in all walks of life and have to be able to work reliably and for as long as possible under all kinds of difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures, persistent weathering, underwater, underground and in aggressive media. A service life of at least 20 years together with high static and dynamic strengths is often required. In the event of a fire, the cable compounds need to be as flame-retardant as possible. If they do burn, they should produce as little smoke and as few harmful substances (corrosive and toxic gases) as possible. These requirements are satisfied by rubber cables based on ethylene-vinylacetate rubber (EVM, e.g. Levapren®). This oil-resistant rubber does not contain any chlorine and possesses inherent flame retardance that can be further enhanced by appropriate fillers. Rhenofit® co-agents can be used as peroxide activators. Appropriate antioxidants for the relevant compounds that do not cause discoloration and work in synergy include Rhenogran® MMBI-70 and ZMBI-50. Thanks to their predispersed, polymer-bound form, these antioxidants are easily dispersed in compounds. Rhenogran® PCD-50 is a proved anti-hydrolysis agent for Polyester-elastomers (e.g. EVM) ETU-free cross-linking of chloroprene (CR) and other chlorinated rubbers (CSM, CM) can be achieved using Rhenogran® MTT-80 and Rhenogran® HPCA-50 (activator). This produces vulcanizates with enhanced resistance to hardening by aging. For weather-resistant ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM), Rhein Chemie offers a range of sulfur crosslinking additives for nitrosamine-free crosslinking, such as dithiophosphates or Rhenogran® CLD-80, as a replacement for morpholine disulfide. The Rhein Chemie portfolio also includes the well-established Rhenofit® range of co-agents for peroxide cross-linking of ethylene-propylene rubbers (EPDM, EPM). Our Rhenogran range includes standard predispersed, polymer-bound cross-linking agents, accelerators, activators and antioxidants for cable compounds based on natural and synthetic rubber.