Rolls and printing blankets

Rolls are made from virtually all elastomer grades. Mostly, the optimization of abrasion and media resistance adversely affects the dynamic and adhesive properties of the elastomer material. In today’s production facilities for conveying flat materials, rolls are subject to a large number of influences and therefore mostly require the property profile of a high-quality special-purpose rubber. .... Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen

Additives such as special accelerators, plasticizers and activators make a key contribution to this property profile. Rhein Chemie offers a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of high-quality roll covers and rubber rollers. Urepan is a polyurethane rubber that, due to its exceptional abrasion, media and aging resistance, demonstrates excellent physical properties over a hardness range of 40 ShA to 40 ShD. Unlike casting systems, it is a conventionally crosslinkable elastomer for peroxide or sulfur crosslinking. Polymer-bound chemicals make a key contribution to the excellent dispersion quality of additives in the rubber, even with low-viscosity compounds or during production on the mill. F grades of Rhenogran® in particular are filtered at 150 µm and produce compounds with no oversize particles, material flaws or visual defects. Peroxide activators are offered in either silica- or polymer-bound form and result in perfect dispersion in the compound. Mercaptobenzimidazole antioxidants give oil-resistant rubbers such as Rhenogran® ZMMBI-80 the necessary resistance to aging in hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR). In addition, this non-melting group of chemicals can be dispersed very finely and homogeneously in Rhenogran® form. In conjunction with aminic antioxidants, for example, mercaptobenzimidazoles create synergies in terms of resistance to thermal aging. Special features of mercaptobenzimidazoles include low extractability, no evaporation when subjected to heat, no discoloration, the ability to be used with peroxide and particular effectiveness with crosslinking systems containing a large amount of thiuram. Tailor-made aids are available for processing all types of polymer-filler combinations. Aflux® 18, 25, 43 and 54 constitute a product family of specialty additives for high-performance rubbers, for example nitrile, acrylate and fluororubbers, together with other rubbers such as EPDM, ECO and CSM. Rhenopren® EPS provides a special surface texture on ground roll surfaces for a precise print image and good ink acceptance. Rhenosin RC 100 is an ideal specialty plasticizer with a high polarity to give roll compounds antistatic properties. These rolls satisfy the toughest demands in terms of conductivity and product safety, in particular when in contact with solvents. The tried-and-tested mold release agent Levaform Si-V results in perfect removal of roll vulcanizates from the mold and increases mold service life with minimal mold soiling.