Profiles are flexible connections between components that ensure tightness, noise reduction and vibration damping. Examples in everyday use include door and window profiles in buildings, and door, window and trunk profiles in cars. Demands on these products are getting tougher all the time, with both functional aspects – such as tightness and noise reduction over a long service life – and visual aspects playing an important role. .... Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen

Rhein Chemie offers a wide range of solutions for processing, handling and formulating optimized profile compounds Profiles usually are produced in very large quantities. As a result, the focus is on productivity combined with high product quality. Rhein Chemie has worked closely with profile manufacturers to develop a range of solutions for this market. Aflux® 42 has set the standard for profile processing aids. On the one hand, it improves the surface quality of profiles and, on the other, it has a positive effect on productivity thanks to quicker dispersion of chemicals in the compound, which shortens the mixing process. It also improves the flowability of compounds during extrusion, which can improve capacity utilization. Another way to boost productivity is to use preweighed combinations of chemicals in bags that melt during the mixing process. Rhein Chemie offers this service under the product name Batch-Ready®. This avoids having to weigh out small amounts of chemicals during production. The fact that the chemicals have already been thoroughly mixed also results in greater homogeneity and effectiveness, opening up potential savings for chemicals. For efficient production, the release agent product group also includes a range of water-based batch-off solutions optimized for use with profile compounds. Responsible care Some years ago now, Rhein Chemie set itself the goal of replacing substances that raise health and environmental concerns. Its portfolio therefore includes many products designed to avoid carcinogenic nitrosamines in vulcanization, ranging from dithiophosphates and the sulfur donor caprolactam disulfide (CLD) to tetrabenzyl thiuram disulfide (TBzTD) and the associated zinc salt ZBEC. It goes without saying that all these products are of the high quality that customers have come to expect from Rhein Chemie to achieve optimal results.