Other elastomer products

Rhein Chemie also offers additives for special applications in the elastomer processing industry for easier processing or improved properties of rubber products. Whether it is a case of crosslinking agents for fabric coatings or crosslinking activators for golf balls, Rhein Chemie has a state-of-the-art, environmentally compatible additive. .... Show more Show less

Rhein Chemie offers suitable vulcanization accelerators, activators, crosslinking agents and bonding agents for the manufacture of technical rubber products and leisure applications. In many leisure and fashion items, perfect quality and excellent environmental sustainability play just as important a role as functionality and performance. Our Rhenogran® N-nitrosamine-free crosslinking agents (such as dithiophosphates, Rhenogran® CLD-80 and other agents) and Rhenocure®, for example, provide crosslinking systems for the uncolored soles of sports shoes. Rubber forms part of numerous sporting articles, such as golf balls and coatings used in table tennis applications. Rhein Chemie offers customized solutions for optimal performance, for example polymer-bound peroxide co-agents. In the field of medicine (e.g. pharma stoppers), Service Technologies supplies the quality required for medical applications, combined with a comprehensive documentation and quality monitoring system, in customized packaging. When it comes to the manufacture of RFL-dipped yarns or fabrics, Rhenosin® T offers a prereacted resorcinol that represents the complete solution for reducing fluctuations in quality and the amount of processing required. The dimeric isocyanate Rhenocure® TT makes it possible to further improve the bonding strength of RFL dips, in particular on substrates with poor bonding properties such as polyamide or aramid.